Our Story

For over 20 years we have provided our customers with innovative industrial automation solutions.

Key Concepts is based in South Florida and is led by Victor Robert, President and CEO.

Mr. Robert has been an active participant in the development of international automated baggage handling methods and standards for over 25 years. While employed at Canadian Airlines, he was responsible for designing and implementing the first baggage system in the world to use the IATA 10-digit sorting standard. Although deemed by industry experts as "impossible" at the time, the ten-digit code became a reality through the efforts of Mr. Robert and his leadership as Chairman of the IATA/ATA Automated Baggage Handling Group.

The standards were adopted world-wide and are still in use today. 


Key Concepts has grown from its original position as software specialists in the baggage handling industry to a full-service integrator.

We have broadened our expertise and customer base over the years to provide a wide-range on industrial automation solutions in various industries.

We offer automation solutions to the logistics, manufacturing, aviation and healthcare industries.